Visitors to this website may contact an official of Fairview Cemetery for information concerning acquisition of grave plots. Also, if one has an obituary or a photo of the decedent which could be included on the cemetery map, or any other pertinent information, please use the email address provided.  We will insert the photo or obituary for you at no charge.  The Fairview Cemetery map will be kept up to date on a regular basis.

Mapping information for all 27 sections has been completed with data.  You should  be able to find the person(s) you are searching for.  Once you find the individual  you are looking for, you may click on adjacent graves to view the information  on other family members.



Locate Your Loved Ones

Simply click on the “More” button to start your search for a loved one. If you know the decedent’s name, type the name in the upper left corner of page in the search box and general information on the decedent will appear along with images of the headstone, the decedent’s photo, obituary and military service branch (if available).

Related Services

A number of businesses associated with the funeral and burial industry are listed along with contact information. These are reputable establishments which are familiar with the policies established by the Fairview Cemetery Board.

About The Cemetery

Founded in the mid 1800's, Fairview Cemetery of Brownstown, Indiana currently includes 34 sections spread out over more than 25 acres in the quiet northwest area of the town of Brownstown in Jackson County, Indiana.

Plot Acquisition

Families and individuals looking for a quiet and clean environment as a final resting place will find Fairview Cemetery in Brownstown, Indiana an ideal location. The cemetery’s rolling terrain and paved roadways provide easy access to any of the 34 sections and currently more than 8,000 grave plots.