Fairview Cemetery in Brownstown (Jackson County, IN) currently encompasses 25.6 acres of beautiful high and sloping ground. This cemetery is well maintained with paved drive ways and the grounds are clean, mowed and trimmed from early spring into late fall.

While Fairview Cemetery is owned by the Town of Brownstown, the nonprofit cemetery is well managed by the Fairview Cemetery Board. Rules & Regulations prepared by the cemetery board are posted on this website.

In the 34 sections within the cemetery boundaries, there are a number of single grave plots available, however in Section 6 located on the west side of the cemetery (see web site map), there are currently more than 100 single grave plots available for purchase. Plans to increase the size of Fairview Cemetery by an additional 1,100 grave plots are being reviewed.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about acquiring one or more grave plots, you may contact Fairview Cemetery at the email address listed on the front page of the web site. You will receive a quick response to your inquiry.