Fairview Cemetery is located in the northwest area of Brownstown, Indiana in Jackson County, a community of currently about 3,500 residents The cemetery currently encompasses 25.6 acres of beautiful terrain. The cemetery address is 610 N. High Street, Brownstown, IN 47220.

Fairview Cemetery is owned by the Town of Brownstown and is managed by an appointed Fairview Cemetery Board which oversees the operation of the cemetery on an annual budget of less than $50,000. The cemetery board consists of five members who meet on a monthly basis to review finances and decide on maintenance issues of the cemetery. As a government entity, the cemetery board exists as a non-profit organization with all funds received from the sale of grave sites and perpetual care fees returned to the Town. The cemetery board employs a superintendent who is responsible for the maintenance and the sale of grave sites located in the 34 sections of the cemetery.

Of the 34 burial sections within Fairview Cemetery, only 27 sections are included in the website map. The 7 sections not included in the website mapping are those sections established in the late 1890's through the 1950's and detailed records of many graves in these sections are not available. All 7 sections, from Sections A through G are located East of North High Street within the cemetery boundaries.

The 27 sections included in the website map are West of North High Street and are Sections 1 through 10, and J through Z where there are more than 7,000 total grave sites.

When looking for a grave site of a loved one in any of the above mentioned 27 sections, one will likely find a photo of the individual’s headstone, perhaps a photo of the deceased, and an obituary, if available. If a person served in the military, a logo of their branch of military service will be shown if it is known, otherwise the U.S. Flag will be displayed.

Some headstones displayed on the website are owned by individuals for their future needs. Updates of all new burials in these 27 sections will be inserted into the website map as the burials occur.

Any comments or questions concerning Fairview Cemetery in Brownstown, or its website, should be directed to the website administrator at brownstownfairview@gmail.com